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        • IS.IR single-stage centrifugal pump

          IS.IR single-stage c
          Overview:IS, IR type single-stage centrifugal pump was designed according to per...

        • DG-type high-pressure boiler feed pump

          DG-type high-pressur
          Application:Type DG boiler feed pumps are used for feeding to middle and high pr...

        • DK., DKA in open multi-stage centrifugal pump

          DK., DKA in open mul
          DK type multi-stage centrifugal pump in the basic parameters of openPerformance ...

        • DY, DYP-type multi-stage centrifugal pump

          DY, DYP-type multi-s
          DY, DYP-type multi-stage centrifugal pump for delivery of solid particles of pet...

        • TD hydrogenation feed pump

          TD hydrogenation fee
          TD hydrogenation feed pump for delivery of solid particles of petroleum products...

        • LDTN type condensate pump

          LDTN type condensate
          Uses:LDTN with LDTNA and LDTNB type condensate pump for conveying fire (nuclear)...

        condensate pump

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        Shenyang pump pump product sales Co., Ltd. (Shenyang pump Limited by Share Ltd)It is to produce and manage water pump product, mechanical seal. Independent research and development, the transformation of 300MW-600MW power plant feedwater pump, coupling energy based enterprises. And three national patent technology.

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